Relationship with our customers

What we do for our customers

  • We Treat every client with dignity and respect
  • We ensure there is no unfair discrimination in lending practices.
  • We Provide sustainable access to appropriate financial services in a timely manner
  • We Charge fair market rates of interest or administrative fees on loans.
  • We adequately inform clients about our lending methodology, policies, application procedures and transaction costs in order to enable them to make informed and rational choices.
  • We do not engage in incorrect or misleading advertising.
  • We not engage in inappropriate or illegal collection practices.
  • We refrain from knowingly and actively over indebting clients.
  • We inform clients that LAPO has the right to make a final lending decision and where applicable notify clients the rationale for denying their application.
  • We hold employees to a high standard with respect to conflicts of interest behavior.
  • We provide channels of communication so clients can give feedback on service quality by providing either suggestion box or through branch council meetings.