An Accounting Checklist For Plant Closings

manufacturing plant closure checklist

Leaders should regularly remind everyone of the importance of quality and keep measuring and celebrating it. If the company stops cleaning the restrooms, the odds are that workers won’t clean their work areas or strive to provide superior quality and service. To ensure that employees don’t let up during and after the closure or layoff, be as positive as possible and give everyone a purpose. By “everyone” I mean those who know they’re going to leave, those who know they’re going to survive, and those who don’t yet know their fate. Explain that the decision is being made for the sake of the overall business, not because the people who are leaving have done a bad job. We had far too much capacity and no common systems, processes, company name, or brand. We were being fined by the federal government for alleged Medicare fraud and abuse.

  • And we made the senior leadership visible and accessible.
  • Click here to download the templates relevant to your industry and get ahead of thousands of businesses that must build them from scratch.
  • Without maintenance shutdowns, a business may be derailed unexpectedly by faulty equipment.
  • Everything needs attention and must be signed for, which is the legal proof that in fact these documents have concluded.
  • It’ll help you make fewer or no mistakes and perform repeated chores more efficiently and quickly.
  • CMMS Optimize facility and asset maintenance while adhering to regulatory compliance.
  • Your employees will need raw materials, cleaning supplies, personal protective equipment , training, and support.

This will keep your plant running efficiently until the next plant shutdown. I said, “No, we need to have a business when we’re through. If conditions warrant it, consider affected employees for opportunities at other locations in your company or offer them contract work. At the very least, hold job fairs and help them write effective résumés and learn how to leverage their personal networks. The company’s severance policies regarding health care, retirement, insurance, and outstanding bonuses should be explained when a person is hired and should be included in the employee handbook. The company should feel obligated to adhere to those policies.

Employees should know how to wear, use, take care of, and put on or take off PPE safely. They should also know basic hygiene and safety protocols as well as what to do if they or someone they live with is exposed or falls ill. The WARN Act applies to employers of 100 or more manufacturing plant closure checklist full-time employees. Employers with fewer employees are encouraged to comply with the spirit of the law, although they are not bound by it. The Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act impose restrictions on emissions and waste disposal.

Clean the exterior, grease and apply a protective covering. Where sleeve-type bearings are fitted, a VSI concentrate should be added to the lubrication system. This should be supplemented by placing small containers of VCI powder wherever possible.

Why Do Companies Shut Down? Should Your Company Shut Down?

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has also created a page keeping track of the different state reopening guidelines as well as an interactive map. Consultants at ourSmall Business Assistance Officecan help you understand more about all the factors you’ll need to know about mass layoffs and plant closings. And our network ofSmall Business Development Centershas experts located in nine main regional offices and several satellite centers statewide. A new law provides employers facing economic hardship with an alternative to laying off their employees by participating in a shared work plan with DEED. Breakdown by manufacturing site of the products manufactured, personnel employed, number of shifts and capacity. Make sure that the workers you assign to man this machinery are trained and qualified, and that there is always someone spotting outside the machine to guide their transport of the equipment. After completing each task during the execution phase, that asset must be tested and validated for readiness to return to operation.

A lack of resources will impede the success of your maintenance shutdown. You don’t want to assign a single worker with more work than they can successfully oversee—you’ll often see this dilemma with plant engineers. This compromises the success and reduces the safety of your shutdown. Some plants, typically chemical, pose a real risk of exposure to toxic chemicals. This might include acidic chemicals, flammable gases, toxic fumes, airborne fibers, etc. Bring on a specialist to test for exposure risk, and check out OSHA’s resources on Controlling Exposuresif you detect hazards you need to control. You started the turnaround process with a cost/benefit analysis.

It guides you to understand the problem and ascertain the need for training. Afterward, it helps you to create an instructional design model to conduct the training.

It doesn’t matter which; the point is that just getting to the answer is a requirement. If there is a change in materials or suppliers, those pieces and parts have to be validated, so it’s crucial that the project managers build in enough time to account for re-testing. Roadmaps are an essential navigational tool for ensuring manufacturing transfer success by recording where materials are coming from and where they are going. Even as manufacturing old-timers muse “we just make stuff,” products are more sophisticated than ever. It takes “stuff” to make “stuff,” and being able to locate, track and account for the flow of it all is critical to keeping production on time and on budget.

manufacturing plant closure checklist

Here are three downloadable and editable Google Docs checklist templates to help you get started fast and save time. The termination checklist template is a blueprint that shows all the activities involved when an employee is leaving a workplace. This process begins when the employee sends in his resignation, through meeting with the line managers and HR representatives until his resignation is finally received. The offboarding checklist template lists all the duties that must be completed when an employee leaves a firm. It is frequently conducted as a check-box activity so that line managers and HR team members may quickly determine which actions have been accomplished and which remain unfinished. The office move checklist template is used to plan your office move.

Work Process

In 1995 Corning sent me to head Corning Clinical Laboratories, which at the time was the biggest business in the company. In a bid to become a major player in and consolidate the fragmented blood-testing industry, Corning had bought more than 100 competitors. My predecessors had not integrated the acquisitions, however. In 1972 I joined what was then Corning Glass Works as an internal auditor right after graduating from Bucknell.

Apart from the federal government’s loan program, you can try for alternative state, local, and business association funding. In the Thomas survey, 60% of manufacturers applied for the paycheck protection program. Additionally, you may have to decrease the size of your company to ensure there’s enough money to keep it running. In most cases, ownership of the test solution belongs to the customer, but there are circumstances where it falls under the control of a partner.

Preventing a disruption in customer service requires disciplined project management, a topic I’ll discuss next. KKR bought Masonite, a global manufacturer of residential and commercial doors, in 2005. I was sent in to stabilize the business and upgrade its processes. As our efficiency increased, we closed a handful of operations and trimmed the workforce a bit.

Planning is essential because it provides you with concrete answers to specific questions. Just as with any critical situation, a long-term strategic approach coupled with a series of medium-term tactics and detailed plans are needed. You should also consider how long the shutdown is probably going to last and whether the plant will most likely be restarted, sold as a complete unit or sold piecemeal. Accept the news that your plant is facing an impending plant shutdown. It is not necessarily a “knockout” for the plant or your career. Remember, in the often uneven battleground called the global marketplace, just about anything can happen.

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Preparing Your Commercial Facility For A Holiday Vacation: Checklist

Essentially, you and your team will need to outline your shutdown effort from A to Z. In our experience, idle plants with small crews operating at a very relaxed tempo can be dangerous places.

Intuit accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, legality, or content on these sites. If you’re unfamiliar with the ins and outs of a shutdown at your plant, give yourself time to learn.

Use apps or software to document installed work that updates the project BIM files. This can help validate and provide digital backup of work in place that you should be paid for. You may need them to make contact with your employees to share updates about work availability, communicate about COVID-19, or check in on employee wellbeing. The name and location of any poison control center, government agency, physician’s group etc., to whom formula information and/or toxicity data are provided.

Like customers, important suppliers should be treated as partners and be told in advance where you’re heading and why. Of course, you can’t always give customers everything they want.

On the other hand, a to-do list only displays the time-specific tasks that you must complete. Also, make sure that you create an understandable list, meaning you know why you selected the items you did. This helps you put your tasks into a checklist after organizing and prioritizing them. With the checklist in hand, you can organize and order the tasks by importance.

Materials Handling

Also, secure or barricade access points to ladders, scaffolds, or other areas people may be tempted to access. Also consider taking photos of warning signs, barricades, and any other security measures left in place to warn people about site hazards.

The construction checklist template allows you to list tasks that a site supervisor must verify, examine, and inspect to ensure the successful execution of a project. It involves optimizing and organizing your construction project with ease. The maintenance checklist template is a detailed list of discrete maintenance chores provided by the asset’s maker and/or other subject matter experts such as business process consultants. The task checklist template allows you to complete nested subtasks with a simple structure. It helps you to differentiate items that are completed and lets you assign them to other people, if necessary. With it, you can arrange, label, and put your to-do items into groups.

Boiler Layup: Procedures And Pitfalls

Copies of all material contracts related to software and/or IT services obtained by the Company. Schedule of any employees suspended – including reasons for suspension and salary implications.

manufacturing plant closure checklist

You can also save money by working with hotels to get a reduced rate. Use past documentation/experiences to help you apply a duration for each repair. Analyze where/why overruns occurred and what you can do to avoid them this time. Treat your customers and suppliers like valued partners during the shutdown process, and they will stick with you. Don’t assume that your managers all have the necessary communication skills. Serve as a model yourself, coach the managers who need help, and ask senior managers who are good communicators to do the same.

Have contingency plans ready to go if issues are found upon inspection. Have your list of lower priority items for contractors that complete scope ahead of schedule. If you brought in the materials ahead of time, some items that didn’t make the cut may still be completed.

What Is Due Diligence?

Being able to demonstrate that you’ve got a strong plan to protect customers and employees will be extremely important. Under Minnesota law, employers must notify employees and job applicants that the company has filed a petition for bankruptcy or has had an involuntary bankruptcy petition filed against it. Failure to provide the required notice is a misdemeanor.

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