Health Intervention


As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we identify with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) whose objective is to improve the living conditions of the poorest members of the society and make financial provisions for them. Our objective is to make quality health care available to poor Africans who constitute our major target, through these NGOs.

Childbirth Expenses

In Sierra Leone, a considerable number of people, especially women cannot afford good health care. Our intervention includes making direct financial provision for our female clients during childbirth. This encourages them to patronize hospitals during childbirth thereby reducing the rate of maternal mortality, often caused by lack of access to standard health institutions.

Integration Programme

Focus on clients’ social and health needs is paramount to the ultimate poverty alleviation goal of LAPO MfC, Sierra Leone. Through the INGO, our integration programme enables client’s access health information and screening services for early detection of common ailments such as HIV, Malaria, blood pressure (BP), blood sugar, Hepatitis and Diabetes. Under the programme, we also provide our clients awareness and intervention on HIV, Malaria, Maternal and Childbirth, blood pressure, diabetes and hepatitis.

Referral for quality service access in designated facilities is one of LAPO MfC, Sierra Leone’s measures to address poverty in the society; this is achieved via partnership with rural health facilities

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