Individual Loans


Small Business Loan(SBL)

These are Loans given to clients who own shops, with their businesses registered  in Sierra Leone. The loan is accessed individually and the repayment is monthly.

Small Medium Enterprise(SME)

These are category of clients with businesses larger than that of the SBL clients, they also have staff for which the businesses pays salary consistently. the loan amount is larger than that of the SBL.

Consumer Loan/ Workers Loan

This loan product is designed specifically for workers who earn a consistent monthly salary but needed Loan to attend to emergency issues.

Asset Loan

This loan product is for some specific persons who desires the institution to provide for them certain machines/property’s which could help them to generate income on a regular basis. examples of such machines/properties are; keke, Commercial vehicles, okada, freezer, Ice Cream Machine, Popcorn Machine etc.

Afrigas Loan

This is another loan product which is offered by the institution. It was designed to help the people of Sierra Leone minimise the use of charcoal which is harmful to both the people and its Environment.

Solar/Energy Loan

This is a loan product that is designed to help the people of sierra Leone minimize their expense on the use of EDSA and provide light for areas where there are no EDSA Connectivity.

Edu - Finance Loan

School Improvement Loan:
This loan is designed to help school owners give their schools a face lift.

Edu – Finance Loan:
This is a loan product designed to help parents and guardians to pay the school fees of their kids and settle every other school needs for the whole section.