LAPO Microfinance Company SL Limited, affirms that microfinance is identified by its primary purpose of maximizing long term value to low Income clients and micro and small entrepreneurs in a sustainable way. Our effort is to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life for low income families in Sierra Leone particularly focusing on under-served areas.


LAPO is committed to developing the microfinance industry in Sierra Leone based on microfinance best practices and enhancing the microfinance sector in relation to further developing a credit culture with regards to lending and retrieving activities as well as having a good relationship with the clients. LAPO aspire to strengthen relationships with all stakeholders and strive to maintain good leadership role in the microfinance sector. We affirm our ongoing confidence that microfinance can and should bring increases in income, assets, and other benefits to our clients; we also acknowledge that microfinance is not the only solution to fight the problem of poverty.


LAPO believe that providing access to financial services for low income families is one of the tools that can enable those families to lift themselves out of poverty. We understand the need for LAPO Microfinance Company SL Limited to reach financial sustainability and increase outreach but this should not be accomplished by negatively impacting the social and environmental conditions of the local communities that we operate within.
In view of the above, LAPO we ensure that ethics can be managed via the follow; 

Our clients 
Other MFI’S 
Our staff Funding agency and government etc