This loan product is designed to meet the credit needs of clients who desire bigger loan sizes to strengthen their businesses. They must successfully complete the repayment of the regular loan overtime. It is an advanced package of the Regular Loan that can be accessed by union members.

  • Facility range: Le5,000,000 (minimum) to Le 50,000,000 (maximum)
  • Methodology: Group
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Grace period: 1 month


  • No collateral
  • Access to a higher loan to fund your business enterprises
  • Training on basic financial management, business planning and customer relations
  • Flexible repayment structure
  • Low interest rate
  • Expert financial advice available
  • You must have had an excellent repayment performance while accessing Regular Loan
  • Duly completed application form
  • 2 guarantors
  • 2 recent passport-size photographs
  • Current utility bill
  • A valid means of ID (national ID, driver’s license, voter’s card, international passport)

1. Q: Do I need collateral before I can access this loan?
A: No. You do not need collateral as a condition but two guarantors that can stand as your surety in case of default.

2. Q: Can I re-apply for a higher loan after the full repayment of the previous loan?
A: Yes. You can have access to a higher loan depending on the previous repayment performance.

3. Q: Can I reduce the repayment duration?
A: Yes. You can reduce the repayment duration to the number of months that suits you

4. Q: Is this loan insured?
A: The loan is insured against death, fire in the business place or disability