Schemes We Can Offer

Group Loans


Petty Traders Loan

These Are Basically Group Loans, Consisting Of A Minimum Of Five (5) Members Whose Businesses Are Very Small Compared To That Of The Regular Loan Client. The Loans Are Usually In Stages And Their Repayments Are Usually Weekly.

Regular Loan

These Are Also Group Loans Consisting Of Five (5) Members Minimum, Who Have Businesses Higher Than That Of The Petty Traders. Their Major Aim Is To Obtain Loans From LAPO To Enlarge Their Businesses. The Loans Are Also In Stages And Have Their Repayments Scheduled Weekly.

Special Loan

These Are For Some Set Of Clients Who Started From The Regular Loan As Petty Traders But Have Their Businesses Enlarged Due To The Various Stages Of Loans They Have Accessed Over The Years From The Regular Loan Platform. Their Repayment Are Scheduled Monthly Due To The Loan Amount Accessed By The Clients.

Small Business Loan

These are loans given to clients who own shops, with their businesses registered and they fulfil all government laws covering business operation in Sierra Loan. The loan is accessed individually and the repayment is monthly.

Group special loan

These are basically for clients who have large businesses but do not have shops, they basically use large tables to display their goods for their customers to buy. The only difference between this loan product and the special loan, is that the special loan are for the existing clients of the regular loan product while the group special are for new clients. Their repayment is also scheduled monthly and the clients are to form a group of five (5) members minimum.